Ringtones and Voicemail Greeting Messages

Impress your friends when your phone speaks away with a personalized message from a recognizable character!  Order yours today!




Vocal music demo

Always wanted to produce a cover song but shied away from exposing your voice to millions of Youtube viewers?  No problem, have fun with our voice transformation and drive a bigger voice just like a musical instrument.  Of course vocal expression is all yours to take.

Audiobook: Roughing It

In this Youtube video production we take the great American classic by Mark Twain and transport our audience  back in time to the wild west, stage coach travel and gold rush. Experience these autobiographic stories through the voice of a prominent character powered by our voice change tech.

Author  Mark Twain
Read by  modivoice speaker transformation technology


Video voice-over with lip sync

In this demonstration video the newscaster’s voice is replaced with another female voice of Australian accent while maintaining the lip synchronization. This application can be used to replace actor’s voice either to change character, increase expression or even to impart a foreign accent.