Modivoice legacy projects MidiTabPlayer (guitar) and MidiKeyPlayer (keyboard) are intuitive applications for learning to play your instrument.


MidiTabPlayer –  guitar practice application

Load your favorite song in MIDI format,  listen to the tune and view the finger positions on the guitar fret board.  Simple yet powerful software to practice your instrument. Learn more in tutorial.


Download and run it in free 30-day trial mode.





Purchase the license here to unlock full functionality (USD $34).





More information

MidiTabPlayer features:

  • Loads MIDI files, displays finger positions on the fret board, plays guitar sound and/or accompaniment as desired
  • Mute and Solo each instrument in the song
  • Slow down tempo
  • Loop practice mode (select section of the song)
  • Step practice mode – click to play each frame of notes
  • Export guitar tablature
  • Change/Edit fingering position
  • Save your work  (MTP format)
  • Plays tuning notes to aid in tuning your guitar
  • Comes with eight fun songs ready to play 

MidiTabPlayer was formerly marketed under NotesAndFingers brand. Not to be confused with the basic fan version this the full featured MidiTabPlayer-member version including upgrades required to run on Windows 8.1 and higher.

User file exchange

As MidiTabPlayer users select their songs, setup transcription style, guitar tuning and adjust finger positions they create unique work (MTP files).  Users are welcome to share their song files at our file exchange:

  User contributed songs (file exchange)  browse
  Contribute  your songs  upload