This order form is for delivery of a voice message file in audio MP3 format to customer email. It is the responsibility of the customer to load the audio file as a ringtone, voicemail greeting or other applications depending on the intended use. Customer is encouraged to review related user manuals, online resources or seek third party assistance about configuring their system.

STEP-1:  Listen to available voice characters and select the voice for your message.

Kara (female):
Trump (male):


STEP-2:  Enter the English language text for the voice message you would like to order.   The length of the message is limited to 210 characters.

STEP-3:   Accept the Terms of Use and  the Refund Policy summarized here:  

  • Your payment is for the studio services including vocal recording, processing with Modivoice effect and editing of the audio media.  
  • Refunds will be issued if request to cancel order by the customer is received before the studio production has started.
  • Refunds will also be issued if the submitted order contains text that is deemed unfeasible by Modivoice staff.
  • Partial refund of the purchase value  will be issued if submitted order message text violates any of the provisions in Terms of Use (see Prohibited Use and Content Standards). In such cases a $10 (USD) processing fee may be withheld.
  • Refunds will be processed within 5 business days.

STEP-4:   Click SEND to proceed to payment page ($45 USD).


Order Form